Crafted for life.

Farrah is a design-focused creator of premium wallets, belts, luggage and accessories. Collectively, we refer to the products we create as life equipment — designed with everyday life in mind and individually hand-crafted from the finest quality materials to weather life's storms, hand-in-hand with you.

Farrah Design - The Belt


City Design Awards
Design Award - Sydney 2015 - Gold
Design Award - Melbourne 2015 - Gold
Design Award - Melbourne 2014 - Silver
Design Award - Melbourne 2016 - Best Studio
Design Award - Melbourne 2016 - Silver
Design Award - London 2015 - Silver
Design Award - Melbourne 2016 - Silver
Design Awards - San Francisco 2016 - Gold


ADELAIDE — Bowerbird Design Market, May 3rd - 5th 2019

MELBOURNE — Markit + BakeSale, May 26th 2019

MELBOURNE — The Finders Keepers Market, Jul 12th - 14th 2019

HAMILTON (VIC) — Hamilton Pastoral Society Sheepvention, Aug 4th - 6th 2019

CANBERRA — Handmade Canberra, Sep 7th - 8th 2019

ADELAIDE — Bowerbird design market , Nov 1st - 3rd 2019

CANBERRA — Handmade Canberra, Dec 6th - 8th 2019

MELBOURNE — The Big Design Market, Dec 6th - 8th 2019


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