“There are three main objectives in the work — eliminate points of failure for product longevity; deliver exceptional functionality; and, provide a clean, timeless aesthetic. All of these are achieved by finding and activating dormant function within a material. These products might be hand made however to me it's all about the considered design. It's about going back to the material and thinking about how much of the design problem it's capable of solving, which turns out to be far more than we usually think. Each piece has been painstakingly developed to ensure you get the most functionality and longevity out of the materials used”


Tom Farrah has been fascinated with functional, beautiful and enduring design since he can remember. He first learnt the basics skills of leather work as a young boy from his father and brother, and has been enamoured with the material ever since.

After studying design, Tom spent a few years travelling for inspiration, learning and collecting ideas from across the globe to form his design sense and style. Now his multi-award-winning work is a clear display of his objective.

Farrah Design was formed in 2005, with the creation of the first hand-stitched Farrah wallet. Ever since, every piece of Farrah life equipment has been designed and made with the same attention to detail, dedication to quality materials, and a love of classic, utilitarian style.