Care for your Farrah

We recommend conditioning your Farrah product approximately twice per year, or as needed.  We recommend using Sno-seal, a natural product made from a combination of natural waxes which will protect the leather and stitching, unlike some petroleum based leather products. However, if you find yourself without access to leather conditioner, olive oil is a sufficient makeshift replacement.

Natural dyes:
Farrah uses the finest vegetable tanned leathers. These leathers will absorb oils  from day to day handling and will deepen in colour and develop a deep patina over time.  Due to the vegetable tanning process, these dyes may transfer colour if your Farrah product becomes exceedingly wet. If your Farrah does become totally wet, empty the contents and leave it to dry in an area with a steady warm temperature, like a window sill. Do not force dry (for example, by hairdryer or leaving it in front of a heater). When completely dry (it may take a day or two) apply a leather conditioner.

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