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  • Slimline design
  • Vegetable tanned cowhide exterior
  • Vegetable tanned Australian kangaroo hide interior
  • Eight card capacity (recommended limit)
  • Hand tooled channel for seam protection
  • Spring stainless steel money clip
  • Extraordinary longevity
  • Available in hand or machine stitched varieties
  • Waxed Irish linen thread (hand stitched version)


“The wallet is where it all began. It was the first product I designed and where the search within my materials to find dorment function started. However, to activate this dormant function I needed to develop a fusion of new and old construction techniques.


Typically only thin layers of leather are used in wallets. This means that the stitching has nowhere to sit but on the surface of the leather, leaving the thread exposed to abrasion. To protect the stitching in the Farrah wallet I used a thick external layer of leather that has a channel tooled into it. When the stitching is laid into this channel, it is completely protected. By using this thick external layer of leather a substantial stiffness and ridgity to the spine of the wallet is introduced. Typically, wallets of this style incorporate a vertical seam along the spine to create a sleeve to accomodate the money clip. The Farrah money clip however is made from a single piece of spring stainless steel and is woven through the rigid spine and wet molded into position. Now instead of the leather being compromised by an additional seam to accomodate the money clip, the leather and the money clip work in unison to achieve the function together.


The wallets interior is made from Kangaroo leather, the strongest for its weight in the world. This has been used not only for its strength but also for its suppleness. By having a stiff, thick exterior the softer kangaroo hide interior becomes reactive to the contents of the wallet, when cards are inserted into the wallet the softer leather billows inwards ensuring that the interior seams remain separated and don’t cause abrasion.”
Tom Farrah, Designer and Manufacturer.


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Please note, due to the handmade nature of Farrah products and current demand, there can be extensive waiting times prior to dispatch. If you require a product within a certain time frame, please contact us for availability and approximate lead time.

(20 customer reviews)

20 reviews for The Wallet

  1. Mark Brown

    Had the wallet for 8 years+. Still going strong and looks untouched.
    Perfect craftsmanship from the leather to the hand stitching.
    Highly recommend for yourself or a gift for others.

  2. Andrew

    8 years and counting. Exceptional quality.

  3. Greg

    I don’t remember how long I’ve had my wallet now. It’s been a while. I love its simple nature and now I love how it’s ageing. Top piece of kit that’ll stop you keeping a million useless receipts.

  4. Rowan Bruce

    I purchased my hand stitched Farrah wallet close to 3 years ago and it has been the perfect companion ever since. The leather has aged beautifully and is a constant conversation starter. Function and style all in one! You won’t be disappointed.

  5. Shane Gordon

    Compact, smart, eligant, perfect.

  6. Brendo

    I was lucky enough to get a hand stitched wallet for Christmas a few years ago and I absolutely love it!! So well designed, beautifully minamilist details and extremely functional. Looking forward to using it for many many years to come.

  7. Jacques

    I have had my wallet 12 years and still going strong!

  8. Jeremy

    I bought one of the original wallets over 5 years ago, and have loved the wallet since day one. Its minimalist design matched my needs perfectly. I wanted a wallet that had minimal bulk, and carried only the necessary items – cards and $$$ notes. After more than 5 years I can say that the wallet has only improved with age. The leather has taken on a deeper, richer look over the years, and the leather inner and metal clip haven’t skipped a beat. I can’t see me buying another wallet for a long time yet.

  9. Dave Cafarella

    Unbelievable, the only wallet you will ever buy. As the other reviews say this product ages beautifully. It’s a good feeling to own such a long lasting, quality piece of kit, I previously went through roughly a wallet a year. My Farrah was passed on to me buy Tom, three years ago after having traveled in his pocket for who knows how long before that, It seems to have not aged at all since I’ve had it. I slap a little dubbin on it every now and then a it comes up mint!

  10. Lachlan

    Geez, had my wallet for over 6 years now. Love it! I like to hold it….it feels nice, it’s worn so beautifully that I can’t imagine not having it. Best wallet and longest lasting I’ve ever had.

  11. Richard

    Back here to buy a belt and thought I’d write a review on the wallet.

    Have now had my wallet for four years. Has a lovely feel about it – both that substantial hand-made feel as well as luxurious. Aging beautifully, yet not looking battered nor tardy. Something that is not mentioned in other reviews is how the dimensions are just near perfect (imho).

    From a practical point of view it holds a max four cards (more cards than that and you risk stretching the inner sleeves) Holds as much cash as is required for a big night on the town. Say’s no to coins. Exudes a no-nonsense ‘alpha’ vibe. I would suggest a non-contrasting stitching option that is the popular recommendation with the various menswear stylists so popular on YouTube.

  12. Kenny Murray

    Had one for 8 years and it’s good as new, great wallet. I didn’t use it daily for a while but it’s my regular wallet now and I can’t see me needing another one! Well-crafted and stands up to daily use, people comment in how cool it looks too. Great product from a great guy, you won’t be disappointed!

  13. Esad Yorus

    My one was given to me as a present. I’ve had it for five years now.

    Pure quality. Every detail has been thought out well. The new design looks even better. The leather is aging well.

    Every year that goes by it is looking more rustic. Best wallet I’ve ever owned. 🙂

  14. Chris

    I’ve had a hand stitched wallet which I’ve been using daily for almost a decade. The leather is ageing slowly but perfectly. I doubt I’ll ever need another one. It still feels soft and tactile and the stitching shows no sign of wear despite going in and out of my pockets thousands of times.

    This is heirloom-quality, and you could hand it down to your kids, and they theirs.

  15. Michael Taylor

    Beautifully crafted. I agree with the other reviewers here, for me the slim design is functional, and its durability is deadly. My wallet also has a decade+ stories and still recording. Also makes a pretty cool present that endures.

  16. Jeremy Edwards (verified owner)

    First of all, Wow! Its is rare these days to find super high quality items that are functional and will last forever. Im one very proud owner of this wallet that i am extremely proud to own, i know allot of work has gone into producing such a minimalistic, simple and incredibly brilliantly designed product. my hat is trully off to you Tom, keep up the amazing work. – i would recommend this product as an awesome present idea, gift for hubby, sons, fathers, Or treat yourself as i did!

  17. Marshall Mills (verified owner)

    I just got my wallet.In Chestnut. Fantastic walletAnd great customer service

  18. Marshall M. (verified owner)

    I got the chestnut handstitched wallet A fantastic wallet. Fantastic customer service.😄😄

  19. Lawrence Wong (verified owner)

    Great wallet. I’ve always been a fan of money clip wallets and have quite a few. This one is my daily driver due to the quality construction. The cards are inserted from the center so there is no way cards can drop out. It’s just a well thought out minimalist design and smells great. The leather keeps its form. I have other wallets and the leather just gets ingrained with the card outline over time. This one doesn’t Also got a few compliments. 5 years running now too! Love it

  20. Wayne Lai (verified owner)

    Got the black wallet and my goodness, the profile of this thing… just pure beauty and elegance.

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